Jul 14, 2011

With a Vengeance

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It was supposed to look like this. Summer feeling!


I was supposed to be sitting outside in my bikini, reading books on my new ereader, while sipping a glass of cold Sangria, squinting against the bright sun now and then to see my little boy in his inflatable pool, splashing about.

In stead we got this.

Rain, rain and then some more rain. Oh, and a wind blowing so hard that the house sounds like its going to collapse. Seriously creepy.

It’s been raining so violently, our sewer system has a problem keeping up. As a result, the rainwater has overflowed the street in front of my house. It looks like a fricken river. Same goes for my back yard. I’m pretty sure somewhere in Holland the rainwater is gushing down stairwells and straight into people’s basements by now.

Doesn’t look too promising.

It’s the risk of living in a country below sea level, I guess, but this is so not what I had in mind when I said I wanted to have a swimming pool.

I take it back, Universe! Stop messing with us.

Been told even in California it’s exceptionally cold for this time of year. Where are you located, and is it as extreme there as it has been here for these past few days?