Aug 31, 2009

Kay’s Peanut Soup. The Other One.

  I’ve always been a huge fan of peanut soup, peanut sauce etcetera. Anything peanut butter is fine by me. Though the word fan is an uderstatement. Think of me as a closet peanut junkie trying to get a fix. The Chinese toko downtown—the one where they sell spicy Surinam peanut butter—is my dealer.

Jun 25, 2009


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If you thought the stuffed onions I did for PW were good, you haven’t tried these yet. These are the real deal, but so much simpler to prepare and so much better! You just have to give them a try, really, they’re fantastic! I’ve been using onions as a stand-alone vegetable a lot these days, but this took them to a whole new level. I got this recipe from my…