Jul 5, 2012

Project Jalapeño. The End.

KAY_2459 copy

It was a fun ride! Easier than I expected it to be. You do have to invest quite some time into developing a watering schedule, looking out for them, but mainly they grow themselves.

My babies. All grown-up.

They are so much hotter than I anticipated. So much spicier than what you can buy here. After I picked the first jalapeño, I thoughtlessly popped a slice into my mouth and chewed, seeds and all. Holy smokes, it was so spicy my mouth went numb for a good 15 minutes.

The Jalapeño plants outside are also producing one Jalapeño after another now. Leaves are beautiful and strong.

My chili plants have gone through the roof as well. This plant already carries roughly 20 chili peppers with more on the way.

All in all, this plant-growing thing is definitely doable and something I will repeat for sure next year. If I can do it… anyone can.