Apr 9, 2009

Egg Pie


I was completely taken by this Easter breakfast recipe from the very first moment I laid eyes on it in a Dutch magazine. Not only because of the ingredients (noticed my puff pastry addiction as of late?), also not because it’s hardly any work (mainly oven time), incredibly simple yet it tastes fantastic. No, none of that. I like it an awful lot because I can let my little man help me make them. 

The kiddo loves helping me out in the kitchen. It’s so heartwarming to see him try his very best, the tip of his tongue sticking out in pure concentration and to proudly hear him murmur “I’m a really good cook, eh mom?”, while he stands on top of his little white chair right next to me at the kitchen counter.

Yes sweetie, you are. You sure are.


* I’m making this recipe for one! Keep in mind you can also place 4 (or more) of them in one large baking dish.


1 puff pastry sheet
2 or 3 slices ham
1/2 tomato
1 egg



He’s growing up way too fast, but boy, am I enjoying him! I’m so terribly proud of my little man. He seems to be developing a great love for cooking. He knew all vegetables and lots of herbs & spices by name before he was even two years old.


The kid means business, though! He got right to it and carefully washed the tomatoes. Oh man, those tiny chubby hands get me every time. Yuck, I’m such a mom.


Okay, one more strictly for your my viewing pleasure. Come on now, cut me some slack; awareness is the first step, right? :)


Thinly slice about 1/2 a tomato. No thick slices or the dough will get soggy!


I’ve chopped a small handful of crispy green chives.


Use a baking dish suitable for the amount of egg pies you’ll be making. Mine was a teeny tiny one only suitable for 1 egg pie.


Put one puff pastry sheet in there, top with no more than 4 thin tomato slices and sprinkle some cheese on top. I only had Parmesan on hand and I have to make do with what I have, right?  Grab your cheese of choice, though.


Add a little black pepper and sprinkle some of the chopped chives on top as well. You could also do this with parsley, but I’m partial to the slight onion flavor of fresh chives.


Using a nice thinly sliced ham. Thicker slices might work better but I’m addicted to this ham. Can’t help myself!


Place 2 or 3 ham slices in a circle and gently push them down a bit. The ham will function as an ‘egg holder’ this way, keeping the egg from running everywhere.


Break a small egg in the center of the ham circle and sprinkle some cheese over the ham as well. Don’t use large eggs or you’ll end up with under-cooked egg whites and over-cooked yolks.


Now pop them in a preheated oven and bake at 400F (200C) for about 20 to 25 minutes, until the egg is properly cooked. 



Season with a little salt, pepper and sprinkle some chopped chives on top. The egg yolk won’t be very runny; if that’s how you like your eggs, you might want to skip this recipe.

This sure is a fun way to serve eggs in a slightly different way and a great way to let kids help out with them! If your kiddo is anything like mine, he or she will be more likely to eat something they’ve helped cook!


Kay’s Recipe Card
Click here for printable size.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter!

Apr 1, 2009

Kay’s Potato Salad

  Spring is in the air! Yes, it is! Now I know a lot of you are still stuck with snow. Lots and lots of it. But I’m not. Life is unfair, isn’t it? Stop glaring at me like it’s my fault! I’m only rubbing it in, that’s all :) The great weather makes me open up windows and doors to let the soft spring air in. Not to mention I’m ogling the BBQ! As…