May 21, 2009

Kay’s Sandwich


When someone recently asked me what my favorite lunch recipe was, I was really surprised I couldn’t find it here. I guess I just never turned it into a food posting. Shame on me. Let’s fix that right here and now. It’s a crazy simple recipe anyway. I’m definitely a sandwich person; the queen of rasher sandwiches. Bacon on tomatoes with an avocado twist. It just doesn’t get any better than that!



Bread of choice
1/2 an avocado
1/2 a tomato



Okay, so I admit I could live on these for lunch, too. Or breakfast. Or dinner. Here’s a quick peek at the cupcakes I made for J-man’s 3d birthday. They looked so cheerful!


But since you can’t live on cupcakes alone (no, really, you can’t), here’s what I use to create my all-time favorite lunch.


Bacon and avocado were simply made for each other. I’ve cooked a few bacon slices.


I’m completely addicted to these multi-grain buns. I’ve lightly buttered one. Did you know we butter our bread in the Netherlands?


I always start with lettuce; it just really adds to a sandwich and kicks the colors up a nudge.


And cheese. Not adding cheese is unthinkable. We Dutchies take our cheese seriously.


Top the cheese with a few juicy tomato slices. I never slice them too thick and have to confess I prefer my tomatoes straight from the fridge (sacrilege, I know). I just really like them better when they’re cold. I also add a little pepper to them, but that’s optional, too. Most things are optional in my recipes.


Top the tomato with a few slices of bacon. I went for two rashers—more than enough flavor and no real arterial damage.


The avocado is definitely my favorite fruit/vegetable. I take out the pit and slice it without taking the skin off. Works like a charm that way. Add a few slices to the sandwich. The slices that don’t fit in there anymore, well, eat those first!


This too is optional; I like to sprinkle a little salt and pepper on the avocado. Sometimes I’ll add a drop of extra-virgin olive oil and some fresh lemon juice as well.


It’s not just a really tasty sandwich but it’s actually quite a filling, healthy and wholesome lunch. Especially when served with one of my (many) other addictions; a big glass of cold milk.

What sandwich are you partial to?