Jun 24, 2014

The Real Deal

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If you’ve been following my blog, you probably know about my deep-seated love for anything Hellmann’s, and especially their mayonnaise. We have a thing going alright.

I started using Hellmann’s when it was still unknown in the Netherlands. Heck, for the first two years I had it shipped to me from the US, while desperately trying to ignore the crazy shipping fee. Decadence comes with a hefty price. Now that’s true love, but then again; it’s the only mayo I’ll ever use. I once tried Miracle Whip but, ehhmm well, it was gross. Really gross. What a traumatic experience.

But then the chief-editor of Delicious Magazine NL, Makkie Mulder, tweeted a photo of a Hellmann’s jar with her name printed on the label, and she tagged me. Right. Green with envy I muttered that ‘you haven’t truly made it until you have your very own Hellmann’s jar’.

Guess what came in the mail! How cool is this? Oh yeah, I’m flaunting it, but really… can you blame me?


Sep 30, 2012

Funky Fonq Burger

Nothing beats a good burger. I’ve always been in love with making burgers of all kinds. You can get a little crazy with them, I like that. There’s just so much flavour you can put into the burger itself. That way you can go easy on the fixings, even though a little melted cheese never hurt anyone. This baby has a wicked tomato flavour while the basil gives it a…