Apr 2, 2014


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My latest culinary find: I simply have to share the salty, spicy love.

I recently ran into this beautiful jar filled with red chili crystal salt flakes. I’d never heard of the brand Falksalt before but it turns out to be a Swedish company and let me tell you that I’ve been hooked ever since I tasted their first salt crystal.

I now use them on top of baked potatoes, grilled steaks, grilled vegetables (think green asparagus) even hummus and you won’t believe what it does to caramel fudge or chocolate!

They also come in wild mushroom, black sea-salt, lemon, chipotle (not in NL, unfortunately), rosemary and garlic flavour. If you happen to run into one of these jars, pick it up and take it home… you won’t be sorry.

Just sayin’.