Sep 2, 2011

Fair Trade Shop


Just got back from a quick trip downtown. Made a pitstop at one of my favorite places downtown: the fair trade shop (also known as Worldshop), and while I was there I ran into this adorable stone angel. Bought it as a present for J-man. He loved it and wants to keep it on his nightstand.

Also couldn’t help but notice this lovely baby-blue Tajine (Tagine).

How could I not buy it?! Impossible. I don’t have that kind of willpower. Besides, I have a major weakness for Moroccan cuisine and didn’t own a tajine yet.

It’s soaking in a huge bucket of water for 24 hours now. Expect to see a few Aarabic dishes pop up on the blog real soon! Can’t wait to cook with this.

Which leads me to the next question: are there worldshops in the US, too?