Jun 29, 2009

Pineapple & Tequila Kabobs


I can be short about this. Because I’m not much of a dessert person but I am a fruit nut, I give you fruit. And booze. And ice cream. I’m such a bad influence! This is the perfect ending to a BBQ with friends! Provided you’re actually BBQing (which I wasn’t).

Sloppiest photo posting ever. Sorry in advance; I shot these photos while I had guests to feed and had to serve these babies before the ice would melt—spur of the moment posting—so didn’t have time to do any food styling, propping or even get around to half decent photography. Just so you know!



1 pineapple
1 orange (zest + juice)
1 lime (zest + juice)
7 tbsp honey
4 tbsp tequila
dried coconut flakes
extra zest for garnish



Okay, so I lied. There is one kinda sweet dessert I have to have every now and then. Affogato, vanilla ice cream with a touch of caramel syrup and steaming hot espresso poured all over. It’s divine. Italians really do it better!


Now for the actual recipe.


Grab a bowl and grate the zest from 1 orange and 1 lime; this is where the flavor is! Also squeeze out the juice. It smells so fresh! Keep a little zest behind for garnish.


Luckily I still had a few drops of Tequila left in the bottle. I’ll never tell where the rest of the bottle went and you can’t make me. Add 7 tbsp honey to the zesty juice and pour in 4 tbsp tequila. Or 10 if you’re feeling uptight. Give it a twirl.


Decapitate your pineapple and cut off his/her bottom as well. Slice the skin off and cut it in half length-wise. Cut those halves in half again, so you end up with 4 quarters.


Still with me? Remove the core strip and cut each quarter in three strips.


Place them in a large tray—a baking or roasting tray will do—and pour the marinade all over. Cover the tray with plastic wrap and let them soak up the juices for at least 30, but preferably 60 minutes. You can flip them over once or twice.


Now if we would have been BBQing, I would have threaded the pineapple onto the skewers like this and tossed them on the BBQ for a few minutes.


But we weren’t, so I had to come up with another brilliant way to prepare them. I just tossed the whole bunch on my stove-top griddle, and threaded them on skewers after I grilled them. So this can be done indoors as well.


Don’t forget to pour the tequila marinade in a measuring cup, or bottle.


I went for 2 pineapple kabobs per person. Added a scoop of vanilla ice cream, poured some of the tequila marinade on top of the pineapple and ice cream, and sprinkled dried coconut flakes and a little extra zest on top.

It was big hit, a huge hit. I’m sure that had absolutely nothing to do with the tequila! Well, almost sure.