Jan 7, 2009

Chinese Fried Rice

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Very, very easy and basic recipe. In fact, it’s so basic, I’m almost embarrassed to call it a recipe! Internet, meet my favorite rice dish. The reason I call it “Chinese fried rice” is because this is how fried rice is served in Chinese restaurants all over the Netherlands. So basically I stole  borrowed it from them. Even though I strongly doubt it’s anywhere close to being an authentic Chinese dish -it’s more likely adjusted to Dutch dietary preferences- I absolutely love eating it like this.

It goes really well with my Oriental Express or any other type of stir-fry for that matter, but is also fa-bu-lous (dahling:) alongside a few Crijo-jo spareribs!



4 cups cooked white rice
3 tbsp sunflower oil
1 small onion
4 oz ham
1 leek
2 eggs


Using rice that’s about a day old for this works best, but you can also do it with rice right out of the steamer/pan. I use my steamer to cook the rice and always go for 2 cups long grained rice and 3 cups salted water. This makes for about 8 to 9 cups of cooked rice. I’ll use 4 cups for the recipe and put the rest in the freezer.

Grab‘ your favorite pair of extra hands. I’m using these today. Let them finely mince a small onion.

Here’s the way I wash and chop my leeks. Usually you’d leave the root on when you do this, but I wasn’t going to use the dark green leaves so I left that part on in stead.

Just slice it in half length-ways, flip it over and slice it in half again so you get 4 strips. Now it’s really easy to rinse the leek before chopping it.

I went for about 4 oz ham. Give it a rough chop, no need to be fussy about it.

Break two eggs and lightly whisk them. Some people add salt and pepper to them at this point, I don’t, there’s enough salt in my rice.

Grab yourself a Dutch oven (me and my Dutch oven are Siamese twins these days:) or a big pan, pour in 3 tbsp sunflower oil and sautee the onion (over low to medium heat) for about 3 minutes. Until they turn slightly translucent. Add the leeks and give everything another 3 minutes. Don’t let the vegetables brown! Now push the onion & leek mix to the side.

Pour the eggs in the empty space and allow them cook for a minute or so. Now start stirring them until you end up with scrambled eggs. Simple huh? Don’t overcook them, though. Bring in the onion and leek mixture and combine everything before adding the ham. Cook for about 3 minutes over low heat.

Now all that’s left to do is add the rice, and give it an additional 5 minutes while stirring ocassionally.

This is so good with prawn crackers and Atjar Ketimun! It’s simple, fast and cheap but really gives pizazz to plain steamed rice.


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