Mar 6, 2009

Hearty Potato Soup

  The simplest things in life are often the best. Which is precisely why this soup really needs no introduction. Not a long introduction, that is. Potato soup is one of the most simple, yet comforting and hearty soups out there. It’s also a versatile soup; you can make it taste different every single time by adding varying ingredients such as: leeks, celery, thyme or even rosemary. You can also…

Feb 10, 2009

Smashed Celery Root

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I’m shamelessly promoting celery (celeriac) root here. It’s so good that I feel compelled to share the love! You can spike up many dishes with it, anywhere from soups to stews and even salads. My Dutch split pea soup & Dutch winter stew always have some in it. But it’s also a pretty darn tasty vegetable on its own. I used to eat this a lot when I was low…