May 22, 2009

Cheesegrater Giveaway (time’s up)

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The random number that popped up was 144.

That turned out the be Kate! Let me know what address you want me to mail the cheese grater to at! Or you can use the contact form at the top of the page.


To answer your question; I seldom to never print recipes because I’m way too chaotic (Kayotic!) to keep them organized. I prefer to leave them in my pc and use a program called C-organizer Professional for that. I’ve categorized everything in there, often with a photo added to the recipe. They’re ready to be printed if need be and it looks real pretty and clean like that; I’m a visual person. I’ll put a larger example behind the cut so you can see how I flip through my own, and other, recipes.




Because it was such a hit, here’s one more cheese grater giveaway before I’ll move on to greener cooking pastures. It’ll be fun to try and find neat kitchen stuff as special Kayotic Kitchen presents. The fun part (to me), is shopping for it downtown (or in other cities) and taking photos while I’m shopping. It makes the presents and postings a little more special when I can actually show you where I bought it.

Trust me when I say I’ve already seen some really fun, nifty and handy kitchen tools, that I can’t wait to try myself. When I’ll find something fun, I’ll buy an extra one as a giveaway. 

One request, though. I always try to balance the recipes I post. I take turns between potatoes, cakes, soups, vegetables, sandwiches and meat recipes. Would you mind letting me know what type of recipes you’d like to see more of here?

I’ll announce the winner here at Tuesday morning! Good luck and a have a great weekend everyone!

Apr 7, 2009

Cheese Grater Winner

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Time’s up! If I had known you guys were so eager to try a few Dutch gadgets, I would have made this a giveaway quite some time ago. Good to know, I’ll try to find more specifically Dutch (an cute) items for giveaways. The good news; it wasn’t Kryptonite they tried to pass off as green cheese! It was, in fact, Basil cheese. Tried it and lived to tell! The bad…