Sep 10, 2012

The Last Set

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Thanks for entering, everyone! gave me #78 and that’s Molly. Please, shoot me a line via the contact form in my website, and we’ll get you the bags a.s.a.p!

The last set“, sounds pretty dramatic, doesn’t it? I kinda like it. But anyway, I managed to get my hands on one last set of burlap storage bags. Yay!

Will come in handy now that autumn’s in the air—at least here it is—and well, autumn calls for heavier food. Lots of potatoes, onions, stews, casseroles and soups in my near future. Looking forward to it.

In your future, too? Great, because now you get to store them in trendy bags that absorb moisture and allow airflow to help you achieve the maximum shelf life. Don’t they look great?


Want to enter? Just answer the following question:

“What’s the first real autumn dish you’ll be cooking this year?”

No entries after Wednesday September 12, and only one entry per person, please!


Mar 16, 2012

Lesser Kayotic Kitchen Part II

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Thanks for entering, everyone! gave me #43, Corinne. Please, contact me via the contact form in my website! Had I known what a huge hit these burlap storage bags would be, I would have bought a dozen sets of them. Two dozen! I did manage to get my hands on one extra set, so one last give away! If you want to enter, just answer the following question: “What’s…