Jul 21, 2014

Home Fresh Cheese Maker

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It’s pretty rare for me to blog about products I receive—mostly I write about stuff I buy myself. My culinary new finds. Think of me as Switzerland! Neutral; not raving because I’m paid to have a positive opinion, or out of fear for not getting free stuff anymore. You see that a lot these days on Dutch blogs.

Not this time, though. This will be a full-on rave about the cheese making set I got in a surprise package from Boska Holland, so brace yourself. I would’ve bought the set in a heartbeat had I seen it in the store. It’s so complete and I think it would make a unique present for some of my friends.


Also, it looks pretty and cute. Don’t frown..I’m a girl! Pretty and cute counts.



This set comes in a canning jar (told you it was cute) and is filled with everything you need to make cheese. That’s 15 rounds of home-made cheese.


It includes 4 cheese moulds.



A cheese cloth in the form of a bag. Loved the bag idea!



The cutest wooden spoon, a cheese knife and thermometer.



Of course the set comes with rennet tablets (vegetarian rennet, from what I’ve been told), recipe and even a bag of salt and herbs de Provence (with matching recipe for a creamy herb cheese).



I also got a huge stack of cards that really made me smile. They all grace my fridge now.



Plus, I got a cheese grater key chain and this little Delfs Blauw cheese grater. Envy me.


Apparently there are three sets: one for butter, one for Mozzarella and one for cheese (prices range from €14,95 to €19,95). The one I have is the cheese set and suffice to say you’re going to see a recipe pretty soon.

For comparison purposes I’ll buy the other two sets and will give them a spin as well. It’s a dirty job, I know, but someone’s gotta do it!


Feb 7, 2012

Beer Cheese Fondue

What on earth could be better than dipping pieces of crusty French bread or crunchy vegetables, mini hotdogs and meatballs into hot, melted cheese? I was so happy when Boska, a Dutch company responsible for gorgeous and trendy cheese products, send me this amazing tapas fondue set (Yes, you can envy me now. I’l wait). My guy took a long hard look at the fondue, you know, the kinda look…