Jan 30, 2009

Spare Ribs Part II

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Spare ribs – the sequel. Part I can be found here.

I’m back!! What’s with all the glares? They had to marinate for a day, you know!:)

They are so worth it, though. These are pure perfection. I’m partial to ribs that are marinaded and prepared like this. The marinade seeps into the meat enough for it to leave a subtle flavor, but doesn’t take over the flavor of the meat, it just adds to it. On top of that the meat is so tender it literally melts in your mouth!

I know, I know … I’m rambling. You’ll just have to taste them for yourself to know what I mean. If you decide to make them, let me know what you think, ok!



Preheat your oven to 350F (175C).

I just wasn’t meant to be a vegetarian—I like eating meat too much. Neither is he. I’ve never seen a more natural carnivore like this little man here. With all the typical toddler food phases he goes through, meat, chicken and fish have always been a constant factor in his eating habits. He simply devours it. Here he is, waiting for his ribs.


I’ve ended the previous posting with a photo of the ribs tightly wrapped in aluminum foil. Now here’s what they look like after being marinaded for 24 hours. The meat became slightly darker but the marinade is also still on top of the ribs. This will be a flavor-bomb!


You can place them on a cookie sheet, but I prefer putting them in a large roasting tray. If there happens to be a crack in the aluminum foil somewhere, a roasting tray is easier to clean for me.


I usually give them 2 1/2 hours at 350F (175c), but my ribs weren’t very thick this time ’round so I took them out after 2 hours. You can do this faster, but I like to cook them slowly; they become real succulent that way. Genuine fall-off-the-bone kinda meat. Meat so tender you can cut it with a fork!

Here’s what they look like after I took them out of the oven. Nice and brown.


They’ll be great when you eat them like this, but just nice and brown isn’t enough for me. I want them perfect. For me the perfect ribs have a slightly roasted top layer. So I turn on the grill in my oven (as high as it goes), and grab the extra cup of sauce I’ve put in the fridge yesterday. Now baste the ribs with it. Don’t be afraid to use a generous amount.


And I mean a real generous amount. Let’s make these ribs stick to your ribs :)


Place them under a hot grill for roughly 5 minutes. Just to get a bit of crunch on top. These ribs are so good! I know I’ve said that a dozen times by now, but they really are. They hit all the right spots. I like to serve them with roasted or mashed potatoes and a salad on the side.

But I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t make a bad superbowl dish either!

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    1. 1

      Yum! Just curious though, why do you wrap them each individually in foil rather than just throwing them in a bowl together? I’m sure there’s a reason, lol. These look delicious!

      maryjack on Jan 30, 2009 @ 3:25 pm Reply
    2. 2

      Maryjack, this way you create an airtight pouch around each rib that traps the steam, so to speak. They are so incredibly tender when cooked this way.

      Kay on Jan 30, 2009 @ 3:39 pm Reply
    3. 3

      And they turned out great!

      Kevin on Jan 30, 2009 @ 3:52 pm Reply
    4. 4

      Yum, I’ve had ribs this way, and they are very good. That being said, my hubby usually smokes spareribs with a bbq rub in apple wood for like 4 hours, and then coats them in a homemade bbq sauce to eat. They are outstanding. I might have to do it this way again tho, as it is way below freezing here right now, and standing next to the smoker for 4 hours with a cold beer does not sound like fun. :-)

      naomig on Jan 30, 2009 @ 6:03 pm Reply
    5. 5

      If I cook these for My Love I think he might ask me to marry him . . .

      Annie Wild on Jan 30, 2009 @ 6:35 pm Reply
    6. 6

      Those do look delicious Kay! I do my baby back ribs exactly like this but never cook spare ribs. The spare ribs are always cheaper at the market so it is great to know it works for them as well. Thanks!

      Katie on Jan 30, 2009 @ 7:16 pm Reply
    7. 7

      Ribs look scrumptuous! Will try within a week.
      Superbowl is this coming Sunday and my Arizona Cardinals are hopefully going to rise to victory, and a shout out from Denmark would be welcome!
      Chicken wings are always a favorite, so I picked up 5 LBs yesterday and going to try this recipe. It sounds so good, thought I’d pass it to you. GO CARDS!

      The first set of ingredients is for the adult’s version. To make them less spicy for the small fry, replace the Sriracha with good quality ketchup. They are still delicious.
      1/4 cup honey
      2 tablespoons soy sauce
      4 tablespoons Sriracha (To lower the heat in the wings you can reduce the amount of Sriracha. To increase the heat, increase the Sriracha.)
      2 tablespoons orange juice concentrate
      2 tablespoons dark Asian sesame oil
      1 teaspoon ground ginger
      2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
      2 pounds fresh chicken wings, cut in 2 pieces at joint or 2 pounds frozen chicken wings, thawed.
      Thinly sliced green onions, green and white parts, optional
      Preheat oven to 450F.
      Combine honey, soy sauce, ketchup, orange juice, sesame oil, ginger and garlic in large bowl. Add wings and toss to coat. Oil or spray a large, rimmed broiler-safe baking pan or roaster pan. Place wings with sauce in single layer in prepared baking pan.
      Bake, turning occasionally, 25 minutes or until chicken is browned evenly.
      Increase oven temperature to broil. Broil wings close to broiler element, turning occasionally, for 8 minutes or until sauce is thickened. When the sauce is thick enough to coat the back of a spoon and leaves a clear line when a finger is drawn across the spoon it is done. Remove wings to a serving dish and spoon the sauce over top. Top with a generous sprinkling of sliced green onions.
      Eat. Lick fingers. Repeat.

      Mike in AZ on Jan 30, 2009 @ 9:07 pm Reply
    8. 8

      Mike, shame on you … I’m in the Netherlands, not in Denmark :))

      Your recipe looks an awful lot like a recipe I use for chicken wings as well … I use orange jam and orange zest, though, and I throw in a little green chili pepper and some Chinese five spice. It’s amazing stuff.

      Kay on Jan 30, 2009 @ 9:12 pm Reply
    9. 9

      So Sorry! I was doing this at work and didn’t have time to go back and check! My Bad…… You can tell me I’m from (Insert some forsaken place, I’m not gonna, already made a Netherlander mad today!) Root for the Cardinals anyway! Also, I am “One” with the 5 spice! I roast and “Beer Butt”entire chickens with it!

      Mike in Arizona on Jan 30, 2009 @ 9:54 pm Reply
    10. 10

      Will do! Too bad they don’t air it here, but it probably starts somewhere in the middle of the night for me anyway.

      Ohhh the beer butt chicken … had it a few times and it was juiciest, most mouthwatering chicken I’ve ever had.

      Kay on Jan 30, 2009 @ 11:01 pm Reply
    11. 11

      Oh how I wish I have smell-a-puter and taste-a-puter!

      KAY!!! These ribs look fantastic! Cannot wait to try this recipe… thankyou for taking the “scary” out of grilling ribs for me! Seriously… thankyou for this!

      Hugs.. Amy

      Amy@ Joy of my Heart on Jan 31, 2009 @ 12:32 am Reply
    12. 12

      You are killing me!!!! These look awesome!

      Margaret on Jan 31, 2009 @ 12:38 am Reply
    13. 13

      We are sooooo having these to-NITE! Thx. Again.

      Zehava on Jan 31, 2009 @ 2:33 am Reply
    14. 14

      Nou, ze staan bij mij sinds gisterenavond in de koelkast te marineren! :) Ik heb precies je recept gevolgd, behalve dan je gerookte paprikapoeder, want dat kon ik in mijn dorp natuurlijk zo gauw niet vinden.
      Mijn lief heeft me intussen al drie keer met een hongerig gezicht gevraagd hoe laat ik de spareribs in de oven ga doen… Mannen! :)

      Ik vroeg overigens een paar posts eerder aan je waar je die kaasrasp-op-een-steeltje gekocht had. Ik zoek er al een tijdje naar! het zou me heel wat stukjes vinger schelen :)

      Ilona on Jan 31, 2009 @ 3:16 pm Reply
    15. 15

      Ilona, had je mijn antwoord niet gezien? Die koop ik bij ons op de markt voor iets van €4. De meeste kaasboeren verkopen naast de gewone kaasschaven ook deze. Zijn enorm handig!

      Kay on Jan 31, 2009 @ 3:19 pm Reply
    16. 16

      Oh, verhip, ik zat bij de verkeerde post te zoeken naar het antwoord. Sorry. :)
      Mijn kaasboer heeft ze niet, helaas. Nou, dan moet ik er mijn dorpje maar eens voor uit. :)
      De spareribs gaan overigens *nu* de oven in. Ik ben reuze benieuwd!
      Het is, als ik het goed heb, het tiende recept dat ik van je blog heb gepikt. Tot nu toe was alles echt enorm geslaagd! :)

      Ilona on Jan 31, 2009 @ 3:58 pm Reply
    17. 17

      I made the sauce today and the ribs are marinading right now. I am so tempted to eat the sauce with a spoon! It is so good! But my ribs are bigger and more meaty than yours. Should I cook them longer and at a lower temperature? they are “country ribs and are only 3 of them at 2 lbs! Lots of meat, little bones.

      Lindie on Feb 1, 2009 @ 2:20 am Reply
    18. 18

      Lindie, when I use bigger ribs I always let them cook for 2 and a half hours!

      Kay on Feb 1, 2009 @ 8:37 am Reply
    19. 19

      Wauw! I was missing your posts on foodporn for a while now, and finally remembered to check your blog, and here they are, loads of (for me) brand new delicious posts! These spareribs will have to be made really soon, it’s only breakfast time but I would eat them right here and now if I had the chanche!

      Jikke on Feb 3, 2009 @ 11:49 am Reply
    20. 20

      Jikke, I’ve stopped posting to the livejournal foodporn community and started posting in the cooking community there. It’s much more lively and fun there!

      Kay on Feb 3, 2009 @ 11:51 am Reply
    21. 21

      Friday nights for us is rib nights and your ribs is without a doubt the best I have ever seen. I also like your saying……:these ribs must stick to your ribs!”

      nina on Feb 19, 2009 @ 5:17 am Reply
    22. 22

      OMG, these look so yummy. I wish I had some for my dinner tonight. I’ve been meaning to try home-made ribs, I think this post is the last straw.

      jo on Feb 19, 2009 @ 3:49 pm Reply
    23. 23


      For some reason this recipe reminds me of Quincy Jones’ Thriller Ribs. I made a mental note of that recipe when I saw Oprah raving about them on her show a few years ago. She said that when she picked up a rib that the meat was so tender, it literally fell of the bone.

      The only thing is, you really, I mean seriously, REALLY shouldn’t be in a hurry. It takes 6-8 hours of baking after 2 days of marinating ^^.

      The seasoning doesn’t really appeal to me though.

      Gia'da on Mar 15, 2009 @ 2:00 am Reply
    24. 24

      wish the politicians would think like this… lol…

      Schilke on May 29, 2009 @ 4:32 pm Reply
    25. 25

      Great post … I love this site…Thanks

      Valcourt on Jun 9, 2009 @ 12:38 am Reply

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