May 18, 2009

Poached Egg

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Confession booth open? I cannot poach an egg to save my life. Not even vinegar works for me. There, I’ve said it. I feel so much better after admitting that.

So when I read about this method in a cook book, I simply had to give it a go. It sounded crazy enough to spark my interest, that’s for sure. Tried it and am truly surprised by how well it works. So I tweeted it (is tweeting a verb these days?), and promised several people on twitter I’d turn it into a tips & tricks posting because they were curious. So here it is!

Poaching an egg in plastic wrap.


plastic wrap (food/microwave safe)

Optional: clip



Sure, I could have bought an egg poaching pan, but I don’t eat poached eggs often enough to justify such a purchase. It would probably just end up under a layer of dust in the back of my kitchen cabinet. So I grabbed my plastic wrap, an egg and a clip and got to work.


Line a small bowl (or ramekin) with plastic wrap and brush it with a drop of oil. This is a really important step otherwise your egg will stick to the plastic wrap. It’s not a pretty sight. Break a fresh egg over the bowl, and keep the yolk whole.


Tie the plastic wrap together using a string, or twist it several times. You can also use one of those nifty clips I’m using. Give the egg a little room, though.


Bring enough water to a boil to fully immerse the egg and drop it into the water. Flip it over every minute or so and cook it for about 3 minutes, depending on the size of the egg. My egg was fairly large so I had to boil it for 3 and a half minutes.


My perfect poached egg has a runny yolk that’s slightly hardening around the edges. This was pure perfection, I tell you.  No jellyfish egg whatsoever. If you need poached eggs and you need them fast, this might be a really easy way to get there.

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    1. 1

      omg just what i needed.
      i cant poach an egg for nuts.

      thank you for sharing (:

      cherie on May 18, 2009 @ 9:13 am Reply
    2. 2

      Please make sure you use food-grade plastic.

      Gloria Chen on May 18, 2009 @ 9:33 am Reply
    3. 3

      @Gloria Chen:

      In a lot of countries this is called microwave safe plastic wrap, I think.

      Kay on May 18, 2009 @ 9:39 am Reply
    4. 4

      Genius! I get you could just put it in a zip lock bag, LOL. Nice to know there are options, I haven’t tried making one yet but will eventually and if it doesn’t turn out…

      Suzie the Foodie on May 18, 2009 @ 12:18 pm Reply
    5. 5

      @Suzie the Foodie:

      I doubt using a ziploc bag or regular plastic wrap is very healthy. They were not meant to be heated like that and I’m sure trying it will release certain toxics.

      Kay on May 18, 2009 @ 12:21 pm Reply
    6. 6

      Here is an omelet recipe to try too: (fun with a bunch of people)
      Zip Lock Omelets
      Eggs, zip lock bag, pot of boiling water, and anything you want to put in an omelet, such as cheese, ham, sausage, onion, bell peppers, etc. Use two eggs per person (3 if they are really hungry).
      Scramble eggs in a small bowl, or, in a blender with a touch of water (not milk) and blend until frothy.
      Pour into a zip lock bag, add any other ingredients you like. Push out most of the air from the bag (very important) and zip it closed.
      Holding the top of the bag, drop it into water that is boiling . Check the clock and let them cook for exactly 13 minutes; no more, no less.
      In the meantime, gather the toast, biscuits, jelly or jam, hash browns, sliced tomatoes, etc. to go with the omelet. At the end of 13 minutes, take the bag from the water (I usually pat the bag dry with a towel), handle carefully since it will be very hot. Unzip the bag and turn it upside down above the plate and shake gently until the egg falls onto the plate. Hooray! A perfect omelet and no one will guess that you made it in a “zip”! Happy eating!

      sue on May 18, 2009 @ 12:57 pm Reply
    7. 7

      Dear Kay,

      This message isnt related to this post. I need to ask from you a BIG favor, please! :)
      How can I email you or send you the msg?


      Susan on May 18, 2009 @ 1:17 pm Reply
    8. 8


      You can reach me via the contactform, Susan (2d link on the right at the top of the site).

      Kay on May 18, 2009 @ 1:22 pm Reply
    9. 9


      Zip Lock Omelets

      Zip Lock specifically states NOT to cook food in their bags – it is NOT safe/healthy.
      I have never found a bag that is self closing that can be used at those temperatures. Some plastic wraps can be but, you need to use the correct kind. Please be careful and follow Kays method! The eggs turn out great (as poached or omelets).

      SQ Linn on May 18, 2009 @ 3:31 pm Reply
    10. 10

      You posted it, genious. I will bookmark this.

      Meseidy on May 18, 2009 @ 4:23 pm Reply
    11. 11

      I’m sure it can be done using Kay’s method so chill! I freeze plastic bottles too.

      sue on May 18, 2009 @ 4:46 pm Reply
    12. 12

      I saw an ingenious method on Ready Steady Cook the other day (channel 9 on regular NL t.v.) – into a pot of simmering water (into which was added a drop of vinegar) – the chef placed his whole unpeeled egg – lifted it out after less than 60 seconds – then took a slotted spoon (I used a whisk) and swirled the water madly, whirlpool like – then cracked the egg in – it swirled and remained together. Then they cut away from him – and I figured it out on my own. LOL – so I cooked mine until it looked right, and it was! The only problem was that I can only do one at a time with this method. At home (U.S.) I like to use these – ~ as everyone in the family usually wants a poached egg when I make them.

      Will have to try this method too!

      elizabeth on May 18, 2009 @ 5:19 pm Reply
    13. 13


      I actually know this method. From what I’ve heard, this is Julia Child’s method.

      Kay on May 18, 2009 @ 5:24 pm Reply
    14. 14

      Or just try poaching your egg ( no shell) in water that’s not boiling but at a simmer. You can do multiples that way.

      schatze on May 18, 2009 @ 6:40 pm Reply
    15. 15

      I have always used a small oiled ramekin type bowl in a very small saucepan of boiling water. If you put the lid on the top steams and the egg cooks perfectly. Just make sure the water is low enough to not boil over the top of the bowl.

      KatieJ on May 18, 2009 @ 6:53 pm Reply
    16. 16

      BRILLIANT! I have the same issues poaching my eggs! I can’t wait to give this a try!

      Jessica on May 18, 2009 @ 7:17 pm Reply
    17. 17

      This looks so easy! I always end up with a pot of broken up egg-white water..not a pretty sight. Thanks!

      zoe on May 18, 2009 @ 9:59 pm Reply
    18. 18

      That is really interesting. I did invest in an egg poaching pan because I love them so much and I just could never get the hang of the old fashioned way. I just wrote a post on an asparagus salad with a poached egg and will link to you here for instructions. Thanks!

      Dana on May 19, 2009 @ 2:51 am Reply
    19. 19

      My grandmother would always cook the BEST poached eggs and try as I might I can’t cook one! I love ’em too! I’d probably have horrible cholesterol levels if I figured it out though! I might have to try this. I have never bought plastic wrap outside of good ol’ Saran Wrap so I’ll have to look for microwave safe stuff. Thanks :0)

      Cathy on May 19, 2009 @ 3:22 am Reply
    20. 20

      Wow, and to think I’ve been eyeing those silicone egg poachers and just not willing enough to sink 9 bucks for two lousy poachy thingies. This GREAT…I am making eggs benedict this weekend! Thanks KAY, you rock!

      Jenny on May 19, 2009 @ 5:16 am Reply
    21. 21

      @SQ Linn: They do make ‘special’ bags by reynolds and glad that are allowed to cook foods in the microwave now. So if they are safe to cook in the microwave….in boiling water certainly would be fine!

      Jenny on May 19, 2009 @ 5:22 am Reply
    22. 22

      @Kay: :-D Not surprising at all – he learned it from watching Julia! I did not know this – good to know the original source. Thanks!

      elizabeth on May 19, 2009 @ 10:17 am Reply
    23. 23

      Why are eggs so darn tricky?! I’ve also sturggled with getting hard boiled eggs done right so they don’t stick to the shell – until I discovered this:

      It’s a miracle!

      Michele Morris on May 19, 2009 @ 7:47 pm Reply
    24. 24

      @Michele Morris:

      That video blew me away! Have to try this asap.

      Kay on May 19, 2009 @ 8:15 pm Reply

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