Nov 12, 2009

Give Away! Dutch Care Package! (time’s up)

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Thanks for entering everyone! You guys are pie lovers for sure! Not a typically Dutch thing for the holidays, and not something I eat or make very often, but I’ll dive into some old cookbooks to see what I can come up with. gave me #103, which is Michelle. Please contact me via or use the contact form in my site so I can get you your package! Hope you’ll like the goodies!

Why the sheep? Because it depicted my mood perfectly. Meeeeeeeh.

You see, there are days I’ll be confined to my kitchen, trying to whip up a half-decent meal after a long hard day, only to find the pasta boiling over staining my gas-stove to the point of demise, butter smudges on my new jeans, an ill-fitting bra that irritates the heck out of me and my kiddo slaughtering a good piece of salmon by stretching it out like a rubber Freddy Krueger mask all the while yelling: “Look mom, I’ve made a giraffe! And now it’s an elephant!”.

It’s days like this that make me wonder just what the heck I was thinking—how delusional I must have been—to ever think I could combine being a mom, having a life, work and a household with a food blog. I must have been stir crazy. I should be entering an insanity plea, really! Yet strangely enough I somehow always manage to find inspiration in the strangest places, just when I need it. Which really is nothing short of a miracle in that deranged household of mine where it’s never, ever quiet.

This time the inspiration wouldn’t come to me. No matter what I did; begging her on bended knee, crying, yelling, throwing stuff, she was relentless. I racked my head when a brilliant idea popped into mind! Give away! Now I turn off the stove and call the pizza line. Ain’t life grand!



I thought it would be fun to do another specific Dutch food items give away for you to mess with in the kitchen. Just like the one I did here, sans the small rookworst because our local grocery store (aka them evildoers), stopped carrying them for reasons unknown. I’ll replace it with a nice, big piece of Speculaas—a yummy and crunchy Dutch holiday cookie and will throw in a few random things. A fun Dutch care package. I kinda like getting people hooked on food items they’ll never be able to buy again. I’m evil like that.


– To enter, make my life easier by letting me know what kind of recipes you generally look for around Thanksgiving and Christmas time.

* Only one entry per person and no entries after Monday 10am CET, please. I’ll announce the winner later that day! 

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    1. 1

      My ultimate holiday-time recipe would be a thick, creamy and fragrant corn pudding. As a side dish to roast chicken or turkey.
      I have served it here a few times. I find that the Dutch at first think they’ll hate it (and then the stories about the Americans throwing corn out of the airplanes in 1945 comes up, that the people considered it food for livestock and were offended). But then once they taste it, they love it. I never, ever have leftovers.

      Annie on Nov 12, 2009 @ 11:28 am Reply
    2. 2

      Turkey, with lots of juice, and fried patatoes, and colours! sprouts, carrots!

      Matthieu on Nov 12, 2009 @ 12:01 pm Reply
    3. 3

      Anything with pumpkin and spices!

      luxferra on Nov 12, 2009 @ 12:04 pm Reply
    4. 4

      Turkey turkey turkey!

      erina on Nov 12, 2009 @ 12:36 pm Reply
    5. 5

      I’m entering by proxy for my parents in the US. ;) My holiday must-haves are pecan pie and cornbread dressing (stuffing). I have to have both at least once a year. I made both for a Thanksgiving dinner I did for some Dutch friends last year.

      Alison on Nov 12, 2009 @ 12:51 pm Reply
    6. 6

      Ha! Ultimate Christmas thing… honey coockies.. hehe on and of course potica (kind of a rolled nutcake) traditional Slovenian desser that is so so so much more… And of course cooked wine.. oh yea! lol
      Kay.. just enjoy.. that might help your mood.. but then again St. Nicholas is comming and things are looking gooood!

      btw I am making your Speculaas this weekend.. turning it into nieces/friends get togehter.. lol

      Barbara on Nov 12, 2009 @ 12:51 pm Reply
    7. 7

      I look for lamb recipes!!! With differente side sauces!!!!

      Carol Dallape on Nov 12, 2009 @ 1:09 pm Reply
    8. 8

      turkey-indian style!!! turkey biryani or turkey kebabs, a corn spinach and coconut milk rice (in lieu of stuffing) , my favorite chicken korma, paneer tikka, cheese samosas, crumb fried mushrooms, rasmalai and tons of other things!! not typical i know, but thats how my family seems to celebrate!!! :)

      raj on Nov 12, 2009 @ 1:12 pm Reply
    9. 9

      Hands down pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving is forever doomed without it. I’m more of a savory guy but just can’t get enough of that stuff.

      Sean P. on Nov 12, 2009 @ 1:15 pm Reply
    10. 10

      I always look for new cookie recipes. Something to have on hand for drop in guests and to give away to our friends.

      Lisa Roussel on Nov 12, 2009 @ 1:17 pm Reply
    11. 11

      Sugar cookies! Haha

      Che-Cheh on Nov 12, 2009 @ 1:18 pm Reply
    12. 12

      My family doesn’t celebrate Christmas much, but I’d love to try roasting a turkey at some point during my life, because a chicken can barely fit into my tiny oven. As for sweets, I love new flavour inspirations for chocolate truffles to make and give away!

      Wendy on Nov 12, 2009 @ 1:18 pm Reply
    13. 13

      I want potato side dishes and cookie recipes

      umur on Nov 12, 2009 @ 1:27 pm Reply
    14. 14

      I love Christmas, and I usually can’t wait to sit around the table with my family and eat great food. I usually look for good looking appetisers, roasts, and special Xmas cakes and cookies.

      Raluca on Nov 12, 2009 @ 1:27 pm Reply
    15. 15

      What fun this would be to win! Thanks.

      I look for traditional American recipes for Thanksgiving. Boring bread stuffing (my family’s not adventurous), mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, roast turkey, rolls, brussels sprouts, green beans with ham hocks, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, apple pie. I always look and look at different recipes, but I usually end up with same old, same old.

      I don’t cook Christmas dinner, but for Christmas morning it’s usually some kind of brunch casserole.

      Mom24 on Nov 12, 2009 @ 1:44 pm Reply
    16. 16

      I love this time of year, and do a lot of cooking! My favorite thing to make, though, is chocolate cheesecake. It’s not very “holiday” but its delicious, and people always ask for it! My favorite holiday recipe is my grandmother’s stuffing (which we now cook on the side, instead of in the bird.) Thankfully, I’ve been able to reproduce it since her passing.

      Erin on Nov 12, 2009 @ 1:55 pm Reply
    17. 17

      I’d like to see stuff for ‘original’ side dishes other than the usual Americana fair. Maybe something non-traditional to spice things up? Ohhh, also what about wintery drinks? Yum!

      Megan on Nov 12, 2009 @ 2:01 pm Reply
    18. 18

      I look for an interesting side dish or desert.

      Carolin on Nov 12, 2009 @ 2:01 pm Reply
    19. 19

      I look for new side dishes. I get so bored of the old stand-bys like green bean casserole which is why I made your country style green beans (I think that’s what you called them) last year. I prefer things like my balsamic roasted brussel sprouts, but not everyone likes brussel sprouts. This year, I want to try this recipe for parsnip bread pudding that I found, but I know that the in-laws won’t try it so I might just make it for around the house.

      I also look for different finger foods and appetizers for quick get togethers or unexpected guests.

      Raven on Nov 12, 2009 @ 2:27 pm Reply
    20. 20

      I look for light but scrumptious desserts, using in-season produce (chocolate is in!)

      AnnaLyon on Nov 12, 2009 @ 2:32 pm Reply
    21. 21

      Hi..Its the first time posting anything on your site, although i’ve been following you for awhile now(promise no stalking tendencies..anyway i’m from South Africa…it would be ridiculously expensive).

      Anyway over here, its summer time during Christmas, and i love it that way. I’m single so i don’t get a chance to cook up a storm during the year, so I enjoy the family meals over Christmas.
      I generally look out for recipes that involve lots of vegetables…especially salads, as they are easier to eat and prepare in the middle of summer. I am eager to try out a new salad combo of roasted pepper along with the salad greens and a some raviolli…and maybe some toasted pecan nuts keep it festive.
      And to drink….fruit punch…..lotsa alcohol..”to keep it festive”

      Thanks for your blog…oohh and that posting with endive…now i know what to do with it…its gonna be on my christmas list….mwaah

      NERU on Nov 12, 2009 @ 2:35 pm Reply
    22. 22

      I have some favorite holiday desserts that I always make, but I still find myself searching through more pie, cookie and candy recipes this time of year!

      Carrie Z on Nov 12, 2009 @ 2:40 pm Reply
    23. 23

      Hi Kay, around these days, I always look out for recipes that work with big pieces of meat, preferably to be prepared in the oven. And my eye ALWAYS falls on recipes with speculaas in it…..

      Richelle on Nov 12, 2009 @ 2:41 pm Reply
    24. 24

      This is my usual Holiday meal:Dressing, Deep Fried Turkey, Collard Greens, Potato salad, sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce. Around that time I usually try a new dessert :) Happy Holidays to you to Kay :)

      Arrisje on Nov 12, 2009 @ 2:47 pm Reply
    25. 25

      HI!!! I love your giveaways :)
      So here is what I look for around Thanksgiving time…I look for side dishes, like a new mashed potato recipe or a sweet potato recipe. I also look for an easy dessert, like a tart or something like that.
      For Christmas, I mainly look for dessert, because we always spend Christmas Eve at my in-laws house and they ask us to bring dessert :)

      Julia on Nov 12, 2009 @ 2:47 pm Reply
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