Sep 24, 2014

Indonesian Glazed Meatballs

I so wanted to call these ‘keigoeie ballen’ (that’s Dutch to you, I know), or perhaps even ‘awesome sauce’. Bottomline: these are the real deal. So crazy good that the guys continue to fight over who gets the last meatball. Silly men. Me, of course. Here’s how it started: a couple of weeks ago I ran into Lonny Gerungan’s Kecap sauce during grocery shopping, and on a whim I decided…

Nov 8, 2013

BB & R Suri-Style

Let’s spice up those boring cans of brown beans that are now collecting dust in your pantry! Seriously, nothing screams autumn more than a big pot of simmering beans on the stove, right? Now let’s raise the bar and kick it up a notch and turn them into a Surinamese-style brown beans and rice dish that will blow you away. Not literally, of course, only in a good way. Unless…

Oct 1, 2013

Babi Tjin

Or Babi Chin, as it’s called in English. All these different names can get confusing! I’m no spring chicken anymore and it’s hard to keep up in my old age. Whatever you want to call it, it’s always a delicious and very simple dish: pork in dark soy sauce. Very straightforward. Doesn’t require a whole lot of exotic ingredients and is probably even considered pantry cooking to a lot of…

Jul 22, 2013


This tastes so good, it is ridiculous! How’s that for an opener. When I signed up for the foodblog swap—a fun concept between a group of Dutch foodbloggers who cook something from each others blog—I was real happy to have been dealt Ellen’s blog, In My Red Kitchen. Had a hard time picking just one recipe… girlfriend can cook! While perusing her blog, my eye was drawn to something called…

Jun 27, 2013

Jalapeño & Pineapple Drumsticks

One of the hardest things for me, being a compulsive marinater, is adding flavour to chicken without compromising or taking over its natural flavour. Seriously, nothing beats a good roast chicken, but there’s no law that says you can’t add a little to that! So, I added the freshness of pineapple juice and paired it with the heat of jalapeño, the earthiness of garlic, the zestiness of ginger and lime,…

Jun 10, 2013

Bacon-Wrapped Beef, Potato & Apple Burger

It’s a good thing a girl’s gotta eat every day. Not only because I’m really good at it, but because I’m also stuck with an infinitely long and ever-growing list of ‘try this’ recipes. Really glad I made this one after I received from a girlfriend the other weekend. These are not you’re average burgers, let me tell you that, they’re laced with sweet potatoes, fresh apple and Cajun seasoning….