Feb 26, 2015

Pineapple & Fish Curry

Hi there, remember me? It’s been a while, but I’m still kicking! Life got in the way of blogging. I hate it when that happens, but the good news is: I did manage to create a few pretty awesome recipes, if I say so myself. I’ve especially gone crazy ever since I bought my masala dabbas —round Indian spice boxes made from stainless steel with 7 round compartments and two measuring spoons….

Nov 21, 2014

Roasted Chicken with Mole BBQ Sauce

Have you noticed how I seem to go through special food phases? I’m very toddler-like when it comes to that. Apparently I’m in a Mexican food phase now. I’m sure it’ll pass soon, so hang in there! Imagine how I thrilled I was when I received a beautiful package filled with all sorts of different dark chocolate Mexicano discs from Taza Chocolate. It couldn’t have come at a better time…

Nov 9, 2014

Guajillo-Braised Beef Short Rib Taco

I’ve always liked taco’s—not the crispy version, though—but never really fell this much in love with them until I had my first bite of these. Was flipping through my Tacolicious bible when I ran into this sentence: “These short ribs cooked slowly with Guajillos break down into the perfect braised meat: rich, a tad spicy, and appropriately messy—a true sign of greatness”. Try and resist that! I was facing some…

Sep 24, 2014

Indonesian Glazed Meatballs

I so wanted to call these ‘keigoeie ballen’ (that’s Dutch to you, I know), or perhaps even ‘awesome sauce’. Bottomline: these are the real deal. So crazy good that the guys continue to fight over who gets the last meatball. Silly men. Me, of course. Here’s how it started: a couple of weeks ago I ran into Lonny Gerungan’s Kecap sauce during grocery shopping, and on a whim I decided…

Aug 29, 2014

Roast Chicken, Saffron, Lime & Chilli

I know it’s getting old, me saying I have found yet another ultimate roast chicken recipe, but really… I did. Even though nothing beats my Peruvian Roasted Chicken, this beauty combines all that is good in this world, and then it kicks it up a notch… or two. We’re talking roasted chicken stuffed with lime, rosemary and chili pepper, placed on top of even more lime, chili and some halved…

Jan 17, 2014

Orange & Sesame Drumsticks

One of the best things about having a (in my case two) slow cooker is not just the ease of it, but also the scent that slowly fills your house all day is a big plus to me. Seriously, who doesn’t like to step into a house where the air is thick with the delicious scent of a slow simmered beef stew? The downside to a slow cooker is that…