May 21, 2010

Greek-Style Wrap

Strapped for time but not in the mood for take-out? Go crazy with this Greek-Style Wrap. Fast, easy and incredibly flavorful!

Apr 7, 2010

Feta Borek

The first time I ate these delicious crunchy feta snacks was during my first vacation in Greece. I’ve been hooked ever since and feel compelled to spread the recipe!

Oct 14, 2009

Marinated Feta Kabobs

  When I’m hosting a (dinner) party, every now and then I like to do this buffet style and prepare as much ahead of time as I possibly can.  That way I’m not stuck inside a hot steamy kitchen the whole time and miss out on all the fun. There are times, though, I’ll carry a plate over to the snack or dinner table, turn around for just a split second and…

Mar 5, 2009

Greek Salad

Greek food has become a staple in our home. We love a good Bifteki or Gyros with Tzatziki. It’s just really good food, especially during summer time. But being the girl I am, I simply need some green on the side; a salad to compliment all the meat. This Greek salad makes me happy. Probably because it contains mostly ingredients I absolutely adore, but also -and I’m not kidding- because I taste Greece in it….

Nov 2, 2008

Roasted Lemon Potatoes

Here’s one of my shorter intros (now wipe that relieved look off your face!). Bought cod fish on the market and -with the crazy prices nowadays- wanted to turn it into a special dinner. Planned on serving the fish with a white sauce, maybe a hint of a fresh dill on top, some juicy and slightly crispy steamed baby carrots on the side and it needed a special potato side dish as…

Sep 29, 2008


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Ever since I first set food on the beautiful island of Crete, I’ve been smitten by Greece. Fell head over heels in love with the country, the scenery, the people, the culture, the laid back mentality and definitely the superb Greek kitchen. That and Katy Garbi! I’m a firm believer of ‘less is more‘ when it comes to cooking. Less is often much, much more. Get down to basics – good…