Jul 21, 2011

Frozen Berries With Hot Chocolate

I couldn’t suppress a smile when a friend of mine raved about this ‘special’ dessert she had eaten during one of her recent trips to London. “Frozen fruit with warmed up cream?“, I smirked. “You’re kidding, right? Oh, but that’s bound to be a real culinary triumph“, I said, trying my best not to sound too sarcastic but failing miserably. She shrugged her shoulders, waved her hand and said that…

Jul 18, 2011

Apple Crunch. The American Way.

I think I’ve Americanized over the years. I know I must have. So has my son. We both take to American food. One of those typical American recipes that made it into our home a few years ago is the Apple crunch. It’s a very undutch thing to make, and my guess is a lot of Dutchies were like me and never even thought of making this either. We have…

Jul 13, 2011

Sassy Pineapple

Just a quick recipe to show you how we like to eat our pineapple here for dessert. Well, recipe is a big word. Most of my recipes have a common denominator: savoriness. With one exception, and that is fruit. Huge chunks of fresh and sweet fruit that have a cheerful explode-in-your-mouth juiciness to them make me really happy. Pineapple -or ananas as we call it- is one of those fruits….

Jan 17, 2011

Strawberry Crunch

And one more old guestpost revived on Kayotic Kitchen. Not just because my kiddo came down with H1N1 flu and is very sick, but also because it would be close to a venial sin to let this recipe go to waste. Old and bad photography, but a wonderfully simple and tasty recipe. This dessert hits all the right spots and—when strawberries are in season—won’t break the bank. Must say that…

Oct 26, 2010

Bowl of Happiness

Now here’s an opening line for you: this was the best darn fruit salad I’ve ever had. And I mean every single word. It was utter perfection. Saintly, even. It combined fresh, sweet and light fruits such as papaya and mango with a more dense flavor like banana and the creamy avocado took it to such high levels one could not ever imagine a fruit salad to reach. Then it…

Sep 30, 2010

Grilled Peaches with Caramel Sauce

Here’s a little sunshine on a rainy Thursday morning. Rainy for us, that is. It’s so cold in the Netherlands. Yuck. This is probably my favorite dessert of all times. Crazy simple, fast to whip up, rather cheap and looking like a million bucks. I’m a sucker for fruit desserts and nothing beats fresh peaches. So peaches it was. Grilling them really brings out their flavor, juiciness and intensifies their…