Jan 12, 2012

My Lighting Setup

Like every food blogger out there, I too struggle with a serious loss of light during those long autumn and winter months. Never made a secret of the fact I prefer shooting with natural light, but alas, not a whole lot I can do about it. So, I’ve toyed with my studio lights a bit more and after a lot of trying (and some minor cussing), I think found the setup that…

Aug 16, 2011

Determining Exposure

Here’s the last photo I took of my boy, who I -judging by this shot- really can’t call my little boy any longer. He sure is growing up. I really love the shots that I took of him this weekend. It’s J-man, exactly as we know him: comfortably on the couch, completely zoned out after playing outside with his friends for hours on end. And molesting my hair accessory. Be…

Feb 15, 2011

Props and Undergrounds

No worries, I’m not about editing the heck out of my photos all of a sudden and give my kiddo alien eyes, this is just me throwing a little artistic freedom into the equation! I’ll behave now! When it comes to props, it’s true that as a food blogger you can never have enough. I greedily admit to having half my attic filled to the brim with props, props and…

Dec 10, 2010

Candlelight Photography

With Christmas coming up, I’m sure you’re gonna do a lot of photography around candlelight. You can use the candlelight to your advantage because it creates a gorgeous, warm flickering light that’s flattering to just about anyone. Few pointers. Use a tripod: This is a must. You really need a tripod for this type of photography. I use a Manfrotto 055XDB with a 484RC2 Ball Head. Light more than one candle: Just…

Nov 28, 2010

Icy Weather

It’s cold here. Really cold. Expecting lots of snow tomorrow, just as we’re driving home. It makes for amazing photos though when everything’s covered with that white glistening powder and is then shot against a clear blue sky. Whatever you do, get up close and get that sky in your composition! Even if it means getting down on your knees in snow, sleet and ice and getting pitiable glares and eye-rolling from…

Jul 1, 2010

Focal Point

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A good focal point can make or break your photo, especially in food photography. So make sure you got the right spot!