Apr 4, 2013

Blooming Tea

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Blooming Tea


The best thing to me about tea flowers is not their delicious and delicate flavour, even though it is a somewhat acquired taste.

It’s not the fascinating way they magically bloom as soon as their delicate leaves touch the warm water, even though watching the magic unfold can make a bad day just a little less bad.

It’s not how they turn something simple as brewing tea into a unique moment.

It’s how sensationally beautiful they are.


Blooming Tea

Apr 26, 2012

The Star of The Show

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Next one in line for a canvas was one of the most fragrant and beautifully star-shaped spices in the world: Star anise. Highly photogenic.  

Apr 16, 2012

Beautiful Figs

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Had a rare free moment today and wonderful light to work with, so I started working on a series of natural-light food photos for my home. Something I’d been planning forever but somehow never got around to. Fresh vegetables and fruit, all photographed in the same style and printed on canvas. They’ll probably end up somewhere in my kitchen. I started with this beauty… What on earth could be more…

Mar 5, 2012

Now & Then

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Now and then I end up with a photo that I somehow don’t think will work out in my food posting, but that I feel is too beautiful not to use. This bombay potatoes shot is a perfect example of that. See what I mean? Hindsight is always twenty-twenty, right?  Boy, was I wrong.

Jan 12, 2012

My Lighting Setup

Like every food blogger out there, I too struggle with a serious loss of light during those long autumn and winter months. Never made a secret of the fact I prefer shooting with natural light, but alas, not a whole lot I can do about it. So, I’ve toyed with my studio lights a bit more and after a lot of trying (and some minor cussing), I think found the setup that…

Aug 16, 2011

Determining Exposure

Here’s the last photo I took of my boy, who I -judging by this shot- really can’t call my little boy any longer. He sure is growing up. I really love the shots that I took of him this weekend. It’s J-man, exactly as we know him: comfortably on the couch, completely zoned out after playing outside with his friends for hours on end. And molesting my hair accessory. Be…