Apr 24, 2013

Windmill Nr. 6

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Typically Dutch scenery and a perfectly normal, every-day view to me. So normal I hardly even register it anymore. This is Windmill Nr. 6 in Haastrecht—a small, cozy village nearby the village I grew up in and only a stone’s throw away from the edge of Gouda, where I currently live. It’s a so-called ‘bosom mill‘. Its function is to level water by pumping high water from one area (polder) to…

Jul 14, 2011

With a Vengeance

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It was supposed to look like this. Summer feeling! I was supposed to be sitting outside in my bikini, reading books on my new ereader, while sipping a glass of cold Sangria, squinting against the bright sun now and then to see my little boy in his inflatable pool, splashing about. In stead we got this. Rain, rain and then some more rain. Oh, and a wind blowing so hard…

Apr 12, 2011

Almost Seventies

I smiled when I came back from a trip to the park with J-man and saw this cute van parked there. What a photography moment! There’s an advertisement printed all over, but it’s nothing commercial; it’s a way to invoke people to think about an artisan job such as hammersmith or carpenter. So typically Dutch and big part of why I love my country so much. I think the American…

Mar 28, 2011

Suburban Peacocks

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“Peacocks? In OUR burb? You’re kidding me, right? No? And why exactly is there no telephoto lens screwed onto my camera then?”, were some of the questions I popped after my guy rushed upstairs to the bathroom—where I was soaking in a hot tub—to tell me about the two peacocks that had landed on the rooftop of the house across the street. Suffice to say I sent him back. With…

Mar 7, 2011

Sunny Days and Kiddy Farms

When I stepped outside yesterday morning and felt the sun shining on my face, I told the kid to grab his coat and get into the car—we were off to the children’s farm. Not just to see the animals—though he lives for animals—but they also have a really neat playground where it’s always crowded. Parents sit there and bask in the sun, out of the wind, chilling out while those…

Dec 17, 2010

Winter Wonderland

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Here’s what I woke up to this morning: a pristine white landscape. My lilac tree bowing under the weight of the snow. And there’s a lot of fresh, crisp, snow! I’m rooting for a white Christmas, but with our luck it’ll have turned into sleet and mud by then. Snow so dense I could barely open my son’s bedroom window to take a photo. See how small the houses are…