Apr 24, 2013

Windmill Nr. 6

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Typically Dutch scenery and a perfectly normal, every-day view to me. So normal I hardly even register it anymore. This is Windmill Nr. 6 in Haastrecht—a small, cozy village nearby the village I grew up in and only a stone’s throw away from the edge of Gouda, where I currently live. It’s a so-called ‘bosom mill‘. Its function is to level water by pumping high water from one area (polder) to…

Aug 27, 2012

Downtown Gouda

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Because sometimes a picture says more than words ever could.

Dec 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

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  Christmas Eve is almost here for us, so we lit the candle holder our munchkin made at school and want to take a moment to wish you and yours a Christmas filled with light, love and hopefully a miracle… or two!  

Aug 5, 2011

Beekse Bergen

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A few days ago, on a dreary and grey Wednesday morning, we threw some sandwiches and soft drinks into our backpack and drove down South to go ‘on safari” in a place called Beekse Bergen—supposedly the largest wildlife zoo of the Benelux. Well, I’m not sure you can call a handful of zebras, a sleepy leopard, a few lions behind bars, a bunch of drooling kangaroos and a whole lot…

Jul 14, 2011

With a Vengeance

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It was supposed to look like this. Summer feeling! I was supposed to be sitting outside in my bikini, reading books on my new ereader, while sipping a glass of cold Sangria, squinting against the bright sun now and then to see my little boy in his inflatable pool, splashing about. In stead we got this. Rain, rain and then some more rain. Oh, and a wind blowing so hard…

Apr 12, 2011

Almost Seventies

I smiled when I came back from a trip to the park with J-man and saw this cute van parked there. What a photography moment! There’s an advertisement printed all over, but it’s nothing commercial; it’s a way to invoke people to think about an artisan job such as hammersmith or carpenter. So typically Dutch and big part of why I love my country so much. I think the American…