Jun 18, 2013

Growing Up

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It’s really hard work being a kitten. You have to sit up and pose for crazy photographers making strange noises trying to grab and hold your attention.   You have to attack stuff and kill things, or at least pretend to. You have to steal socks and carry them around all afternoon.   Q-tips, too. Have any idea how difficult it is to find those?   It ain’t easy being…

Jun 9, 2013


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Meet Bodhi, our 12-week-old British Shorthair, and the latest addition to our family. Not sure why but I envisioned a timid, shy kitten wandering the house, anxiously hiding in corners while crying out for his mom and siblings. Should’ve known we’d end up with a tiny fur-ball who confidently zooms all over the house, simply ruling the place. He took over my favourite spot on the couch and demands attention,…

Feb 16, 2012

Green Eggs And Ham

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Seriously, the bright side to being sick together is that I can make him read Dr. Seuss’ “Green eggs and ham” to me while we’re spending hours lying on the couch under several blankets. The advantages of him growing up way too fast are becoming clearer every day. Next on the list: teach child how to clean windows.

Dec 8, 2011

A Real Man

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Note to self: don’t leave your expensive mascara lying around in your living room.

Oct 26, 2011

Baby Steps

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Just a quick post to say a huge thanks for all the incredibly sweet well wishes, emails, tweets, book recommendations and wonderful comments over the past six weeks! You guys really kept my spirits up! Just had my 6 week post surgery x-ray and everything looked splendid! Bones have healed properly and I got the green light to start walking again. Surprised me a lot; initially I was told I would only…

Oct 11, 2011

Ankle Slaying Part III

Promised to keep you posted. Three weeks post surgery now. Was in a wee bit more pain than I had anticipated (It’s not that I’m a wuss, I just don’t like pain) and recovery is gonna take a while and will be slow and painful after a trimalleolar fracture, or so I’ve been told. My foot started to burn and tingle really badly the first week, so we dropped by…