Oct 9, 2014

Foodelicious Autumn Box

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Foodelicious I

The email announcing the shipping of yet another Foodelicious box (the 2nd official box) was in fact a gentle reminder that time flies by at the speed of light. It’s been two months already? Oh God, I’m getting old so fast. Bring out the botox!

In case you missed my earlier post; the Foodelicious box is the absolute best culinary (surprise) box the Netherlands has to offer. It’s filled to the brim with high-quality food products and is a sure way into the heart of every foodie. Mine included. Opening it is like having your very own private Christmas-morning food heaven every two months. I love it, and judging by all the tweets with the #fdbox hashtag, so do the rest of the subscribers.

Anyway, this box too was filled with so many beautiful and unique products (think pumpkin pesto), that I just have to share them here. Jaime & Herman really outdid themselves. I’ll highlight each product and maybe it will give you an idea or two.


See what I mean? Seriously, who wouldn’t love to dive into all these goodies?
Foodelicious I

I’m gonna start with this ah-ma-zing pesto giallo by Biagi. Yellow pesto, that was a first for me. If you too had any traditional thoughts about pesto, open the window and throw ‘em out. This baby’s got pumpkin, chili pepper, carrot, cashew, curry and spices in it and is to-die-for.
Foodelicious I

I would’ve been perfectly happy eating pesto giallo by the spoonful, but because that might look somewhat tacky they also added these Regañás by La Chinata. Spanish toasts made with 20% of the best Spanish olive oil. No cardboard toasts here.
Foodelicious I

This makes me happy. Home made, hand-chopped and cooked in someone’s normal kitchen, on a normal stove in big ass pans: old-school piccalilli. Love it on top of brown beans with onion, a hearty curly kale mash or French fries with mayonnaise (I’m Dutch, remember?).
Foodelicious I

Foodelicious is known for its amazing quality oil and vinegar. But even saying that doesn’t do this vinegar made from 78% fresh raspberries justice. It’s a flavour explosion like no other. No sugar or any other artificial ingredients of course.
Foodelicious I

They also threw in a small jar of La Chinata’s soft and nutty olive oil made from Manzanilla olives. Mix some with the raspberry vinegar and you have an instant heavenly dressing.
Foodelicious I

How often do you find a tube filled with 9-year-old hazelnut balsamic in a food package? That’s what I thought. I shrieked when I opened this. This, my friends, is what balsamic should taste like all over the world.
Foodelicious I

This Spijkerman (I so want to hear you try to pronounce that!) chorizo sausage is 100% Dutch pride. Made from the best pork (Livar) a hint of beef and amazing cayenne. All natural of course.
Foodelicious I

No coffee without Cantuccini! A crunchy biscuit from Tuscany with 25% almonds, free-range eggs and great butter.
Foodelicious I

Chocolate drops made from 56% cocoa. How’s that for a cup of hot chocolate. Use these in this recipe. It’ll make you happy, I promise.
Foodelicious I

Tadaaaaaaaaa. Oh Lord, my son was eying these. Was lucky I even managed to take a few shots.
Foodelicious I

And this was gorgeous… and they were gone so fast. J-man had his grubby little hands all over these autumn chocolates ever since the box opened.
Foodelicious I

The Lübecker marzipan they use is fantastic. Hands down the best marzipan, ever. I cannot even begin to describe the perfect structure or intense almond flavour that lingers in your mouth.
Foodelicious I

If you need me… I’ll be at home. Drinking latte Macchiato and stuffing myself with whatever is left. Probably not a whole lot, but still…


Jul 21, 2014

Home Fresh Cheese Maker

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It’s pretty rare for me to blog about products I receive—mostly I write about stuff I buy myself. My culinary new finds. Think of me as Switzerland! Neutral; not raving because I’m paid to have a positive opinion, or out of fear for not getting free stuff anymore. You see that a lot these days on Dutch blogs. Not this time, though. This will be a full-on rave about the…

Jul 3, 2014


Oh yes, those are white chocolate truffles filled with the best champagne infused ganache I’ve ever tasted. Talk about a little bite of heaven.   The story: You’ve probably seen me use Foodelicious products throughout my blog, right? Well, Foodelicious are Herman & Jaime Specker, and they’re pretty much an institute in the Netherlands.   Who are they? They’re the owners of my favourite Dutch store (and webstore) for anything…

Jun 24, 2014

The Real Deal

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If you’ve been following my blog, you probably know about my deep-seated love for anything Hellmann’s, and especially their mayonnaise. We have a thing going alright. I started using Hellmann’s when it was still unknown in the Netherlands. Heck, for the first two years I had it shipped to me from the US, while desperately trying to ignore the crazy shipping fee. Decadence comes with a hefty price. Now that’s…

Apr 2, 2014


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My latest culinary find: I simply have to share the salty, spicy love. I recently ran into this beautiful jar filled with red chili crystal salt flakes. I’d never heard of the brand Falksalt before but it turns out to be a Swedish company and let me tell you that I’ve been hooked ever since I tasted their first salt crystal. I now use them on top of baked potatoes,…

Jan 15, 2014

Couscous Spice Mix

Whipped up what I believe to be one of the better Couscous spice mixes! You know what a spice fiend I am. But it’s more all-round than that because you can also use it in meatballs, add it to marinades and use it as a poultry seasoning. Posted this to Facebook but decided to store it here, too, for easy access. Since it’s not a step-by-step I’m putting it in…