Jun 24, 2014

The Real Deal

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If you’ve been following my blog, you probably know about my deep-seated love for anything Hellmann’s, and especially their mayonnaise. We have a thing going alright.

I started using Hellmann’s when it was still unknown in the Netherlands. Heck, for the first two years I had it shipped to me from the US, while desperately trying to ignore the crazy shipping fee. Decadence comes with a hefty price. Now that’s true love, but then again; it’s the only mayo I’ll ever use. I once tried Miracle Whip but, ehhmm well, it was gross. Really gross. What a traumatic experience.

But then the chief-editor of Delicious Magazine NL, Makkie Mulder, tweeted a photo of a Hellmann’s jar with her name printed on the label, and she tagged me. Right. Green with envy I muttered that ‘you haven’t truly made it until you have your very own Hellmann’s jar’.

Guess what came in the mail! How cool is this? Oh yeah, I’m flaunting it, but really… can you blame me?


Chicken & Red Onion Sauce Sandwich

I have a love/hate relationship with the red onion sauce our grillrooms serve with the shoarma that’s often eaten after a night out. It’s one of the mellowest sauces ever, but also quite oily. It’s not exactly a low-fat recipe, but so chockfull of flavour and it goes with pretty much anything you can think of, and then some. That counts for something, right? Found only a small handful recipes…

Jun 11, 2014

Spicy Curried Paneer

I spotted the ‘One-Hour Cheese’ book by Claudia Lucero when I was cruising kobobooks. My favourite pastime. Bought it, and when I glanced over this curried paneer recipe, I knew it would be the recipe I’d start with. Adding curry powder to the cheese itself is so brilliant in all its simplicity! First time someone asked me if I’d ever eaten grilled paneer, I shrugged my shoulders and thought they were…

Jun 4, 2014

Green Bean & Balsamic Salad

This tasty, gorgeous yet fairly basic green bean salad is a wonderful starter or side-dish for whatever meal you have planned. It’s chockfull of crispy and fresh green beans, juicy tomatoes, lightly sautéed shallots and tangy balsamic with, in my case, white truffle. I topped the salad with some left-over feta and, boy, was that the right thing to do; the saltness of the feta really brought out all the…

Jun 2, 2014

Roasted Pepper & Feta Crostini

These royally topped little Italian toasts rock my world. As soon as the warmer weather sets in and the pits are being fired up all around me, something inside me screams ‘crostini’. Love those darn things. There’s nothing you cannot put on a crostini and make it look and taste good. Transform them into gourmet food by adding the best cheeses combined with grilled vegetables or and fresh herbs. Or think…