Jun 10, 2013

Bacon-Wrapped Beef, Potato & Apple Burger

It’s a good thing a girl’s gotta eat every day. Not only because I’m really good at it, but because I’m also stuck with an infinitely long and ever-growing list of ‘try this’ recipes. Really glad I made this one after I received from a girlfriend the other weekend. These are not you’re average burgers, let me tell you that, they’re laced with sweet potatoes, fresh apple and Cajun seasoning….

Jun 9, 2013


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Meet Bodhi, our 12-week-old British Shorthair, and the latest addition to our family. Not sure why but I envisioned a timid, shy kitten wandering the house, anxiously hiding in corners while crying out for his mom and siblings. Should’ve known we’d end up with a tiny fur-ball who confidently zooms all over the house, simply ruling the place. He took over my favourite spot on the couch and demands attention,…

Jun 6, 2013

Sweet Potato, Chorizo & Chickpea Hash

One more recipe with eggs cracked on top. Just one, I promise, this is the last one. For now. I think. Can’t help myself, I love sumptuous dishes where the eggs are cooked along with the rest of the food making it look wonderful, plus, and this is important; you get to dip bread in runny yolks. Bread and runny yolks are always +1. This recipe combines eggs with flavourful…