Dec 31, 2010

New Year’s Eve 2010


Quick posting to wish you all a wonderful evening! Since I’m roughly 8 to 10 hours ahead of most of you who read this blog, it’s already evening for us in theNetherlands and we’re about to start celebrating. Right after I’ve finished applying a gazillion layers of makeup to try and hide the fact I’m running on a mere 5 hours sleep.

I’ve fixed tons of snacks all day long. We also lit the BGE and whipped up a huge batch of satay that had marinated for 24 hours straight.

And al lot of other yummy goodness. Probably way too much. I always seem to cook for a small army.

And of course there are sparkles for the kiddo and the heavier stuff for the bigger kids, you know, the ones in their late 30’s!

Stay safe, everyone! Keep hands and fingers intact and have a wonderful time (without hang-over in the morning)!

See ya’ll in 2011!

Dec 29, 2010

Flashy New Year’s Snacks

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As it turns out I took a whole week off from blogging. A WHOLE week! Im going through severe withdrawal! It wasn’t the intention and I don’t remember having done that before, but it sure is kinda nice.  Just busy cleaning the house—we need self-cleaning houses—and making notes of all the party food I’ll be prepping for New Year’s eve. Not to mention doing lots of grocery shopping with a…

Dec 26, 2010

To Video Tutorial. Or Not to Video Tutorial.

Been trying out some stuff on the iMac and I’m in love, people! Madly, passionately, head over heels in love. Having so much fun with it. Not sure why I waited this long to make the transfer, there was nothing to worry about—I feel right at home. It’s all so easy and intuitive. Anyway, to make a long story short; I ran into some great video capturing software and wanted…

Dec 24, 2010

Irish Coffee Cupcakes

Not having much of a sweet tooth, I usually resort to a cheese plate for dessert. Or tiramisu, on special occasions. But you sure make me happy with a good ole Irish coffee after dinner. Or a Spanish coffee for that matter (just replace whiskey with Tia Maria). Yum. I’ve seen a lot of recipes that use a mere 1 or 2 tbsp whiskey in either the batter or the…

Dec 23, 2010

iMac Love Affair

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My HP laptop—yup, the one I bought barely a year go—keeps overheating and I’m scared that one of these days it’ll just die on me. Well, it’s really not a matter of if but when. I got brave. Took a deep breath, took another deep breath, and leaped. I’ve ordered an iMac and it’s being delivered today. I’m scared… hold my hand. Seriously, though; I am slightly intimidated. It’s such…

Dec 21, 2010

Christmas Recipe Ideas

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Only 3 days left ‘til Christmas. Hurry, people, the clock is ticking! Nah, seriously; Christmas isn’t such a big deal in the Netherlands, not the way it is in the US though. It’s mainly a laid back, two-day-lasting banquet of epic proportions of deliciousness here. With lots of booze. I’ll hide the scale. Oh wait, I don’t have a scale. In case you need some last-minute culinary holiday inspiration, here are…

Beauty All Around

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One of my favorite things, when it comes to photography, is capturing everyday things. Things you in all probability walk past every single day without giving them a second glance. And that’s a shame. Like this photo of the street light behind my house. See the beauty in the glass and icicles glistening in the sun, while the blue sky surrounds it and the snow-covered leafs frame it. You won’t see…