Oct 28, 2010

Fun with Food

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Raise your hand if you knew cucumbers could be this photogenic! I had no idea, was a clueless, out of the loop foodie. But it sure was fun to try.

Just an idea I had after seeing someone do a similar thing with fruit some time ago. I think it turned out pretty neat. This was shot with one studio light with softbox attachment.

Would it be an an idea to do this with different types of fruit or vegetables and turn it into one large printable storyboard?


Once autumn sets in I start craving Dutch food. Dutch food is no spectacular food, not by a long shot; it’s honest, simple, wholesome, hearty and filling food. Hutspot is one of those dishes I keep craving over and over again. The combination of potatoes, carrots and onions all mashed up, piled high upon a plate and generously drizzled with thick gravy has something so enticing to me. Maybe because…

Oct 26, 2010

Bowl of Happiness

Now here’s an opening line for you: this was the best darn fruit salad I’ve ever had. And I mean every single word. It was utter perfection. Saintly, even. It combined fresh, sweet and light fruits such as papaya and mango with a more dense flavor like banana and the creamy avocado took it to such high levels one could not ever imagine a fruit salad to reach. Then it…

Oct 25, 2010

Tyler`s Ultimate Lasagna

The moment I laid eyes on Tyler Florence’ lasagna recipe on Food Network—after I managed to drag my eyes off of his fine-looking ehh, well, everything—I just knew this indeed had the potential of being the ultimate lasagna recipe. Why? Well, the first thing I noticed was his Bolognese sauce: it’s spiked with different vegetables (and fresh herbs) that I was sure would flavor the sauce like no one’s business….

Oct 21, 2010

The Most Beautiful Knife. Ever.

Not to make you jealous or anything, but check out what I just got! Well, got? It cost me a small fortune in import taxes and clearance fee (thanks a lot TNT), but I didn’t mind one bit the moment I laid eyes on my new baby. Can you blame me? Several months ago I received an email from the people over at New West Knifeworks asking me if I’d be interested in trying…

Pretzel Buns

Well, technically this is a recipe for soft pretzels. I got it from a friend of mine, eons ago. Ran into his recipe today and decided it was time to give them a try. They were a huge hit! But pretzels? I dunno. Pretzels are supposed to be crispy and crunchy to me—category potato chips. These weren’t. I guess that’s where the word ‘soft’ comes into play. The point is…

Oct 20, 2010

Ode to The Onion

  Does this need an introduction? The Onion, the whole onion and nothing but the onion! And here’s is my tribute to it. Onions rule my world and dominate my kitchen. Love ’em to death. I figured I’d try and see if I could photograph them in a way that would bring out the artistic side of them instead of just chopping them up. I like how this red onion…